Sports Council for Glasgow

Club of the Month Award

April 2017 - Southside Boxing

Southside Boxing Academy  were nominated for club of the month as they won  2 Golds and 5 Silver Medals in the Western Districts  Competitionand also 2 Golds and  3 Silvers in the Scottish Open Championships which was a great for a club who are only in their second year and were punching above their weight 

Club of the Month Award

March 2017 St Angela's Participation Centre

As a Community Sports Hub they started a new netball club after recognising there was insufficient opportunities for girl only sport in their area. They found from delivering individual & multi-sport sessions that girls tended to take less part when boys were in attendance.

In July 2016 they recruited three local adult volunteer coaches to deliver weekly one hour free sessions for girls aged six to twelve years. It became obvious after a few weeks from the enthusiasm of the children attending that demand was going to increase. With the interest generated from these weekly sessions at Darnley Community Centre they recruited five young volunteer helpers. Due to the increased demand and a bit of fortune (let became available) they were able to extend these session from one hour to two hours allowing them to provide for separate age groups. The netball club is now very successful with a regular 35 – 40 girls attending each week for age groups six to eight and nine to thirteen.

We are now planning to include Netball for local schools as part of our annual Pro Community Festival (involving four local primary schools) which takes place later this year

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