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Closing Date For Next Round of Applications

Submit Your Application by this Date

Closing Date for Applications for Grants (Please check which fund you are applying for).

Please also note during Corona Virus restrictions you should email in applications as the Office is Closed and we have no access to mail. Also you must have renewed your membership and again payment for membership must be by Direct Debit or Bank Transfer as we cannot collect cheques or cash.

A new Covid 19 grant is now available see the link on the right for more details, this is primarily to help Sport restart following lockdown  and us limited to a grant application of £200 per member Club.Clubs can still apply for funding through the General Grant Scheme of the balance ie £500 less any amount previously applied for in the membership year.

Please remember that an end of project report must be submitted no later than 8 weeks after completion of project and that you must have been in membership for 3 months (or renewed in time) to be eligible to apply for any grant fund

Please note that for the current membership year we have secured Grant Funding up to September of this year. At the moment the Sports Promotion Scheme will close for applications at that time until the end of the membership year unless additional funding is secured

Next Grant Meeting for new applications is as follows:

Grant Fund

Meeting Date

Closing Date

Covid 19 Grant Weekly - Tue Weekly - Wed
General Grant 19th Nov 1st Nov
Sports Promotion Closed Closed

Please make sure that you have renewed your membership before submitting your application

Remember to include any quotes with applications if the grant is for equipment and also a copy of your Bank Statement when applying. Please also enclose any quotes for equipment and/or venue hire costs




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Glasgow CCP